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Job Search: Compensation

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"If you are about to get an offer - you are losing money if you aren't talking to this guy!!! Everything went exactly like he said!"  (Data Scientist - Amazon)

Compensation can be anxiety inducting and frustrating and filled with more "expert advice" articles and guides than one could imagine...and it's almost all wrong. 

Have you heard of things like...

1. "Never answer the salary question...."

2. "He who gives a number first loses..."

3. "If you go too low on the salary, the company will lowball you..."

4. "Make sure you do your research on Glassdoor..."

While either intending to help you or support you, the truth is following this advice may work against you. 

How do I know?

Because..I am the one that approves the final offer. 

HR Partners work closely with Compensation for their business unit, understanding all of the recent market trends, patterns and data and determine a compensation philosophy structure with the leaders, so when you enter the negotiation phase, I am the one that ultimately signs off or denies it. 

Contrary to popular belief, I am not looking to low ball you. I am ensuring we make you an offer that is fair, well thought out against the market value, gives you room to grow and doesn't cause negative impact to your peers - my ideal goal is that you join and accept the offer feeling excited, well compensated and ready to dive in. When an employee feels well compensated, everyone wins.

Now imagine that I'm on YOUR side.

Imagine having an experienced HRBP with years of experience and access to market experience that shows a full valuation model of your current market worth, in addition to the target market worth of different industries. 

In addition to receiving comprehensive data, I'll also give you the best practices of salary negotiation. The key hits and points to ensure you are maximizing your comp package, the common phrases to NEVER say and the optimal tone and approach, as well as verbiage to use that normally leads to the highest offers. 

I offer two products for Job Seeker Compensation: 

1. Salary Analysis - I can do a pull and comparison of your true market value using real data and a ton of experience, I will also explain different ways on how to get to a higher compensation package using an expert knowledge of markets, industries, compensation scales and salary data. 

2. Offer Negotiation Strategist - If you are either just starting an interview process or at the offer stage, I can give you the best advice, tactics, verbiage and advice to get a better offer. My average rate is usually 26-33% increase from the original based on role and industry.