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HRBPs are uniquely qualified experts at Job Searching...because we are the ones that design the whole thing from the inside. 

I've built workforce modeling for large companies, so I have decades of knowledge and experience uniquely available on job family creation and design, job search trends, job description creation and their interview strategies. 

(If you are interested in Compensation Negotiation services, please see the Compensation product) 

Job Search Expertise and Offerings

  • General Career Planning and Identification - I'm not a "coach", I'm an employment expert. I can work with you to define potential careers in potential industries that you likely have never heard of. I can tell you the industries, job families and methods for maximum growth, development and compensation and the most optimal way to get there. 
  • Resume Review and Rewriting: Optimization for ATS and the human beings who read them.
  • LinkedIn Optimization - how to write high ranking LinkedIn profiles, how to build your network effectively, what to post and not to post to increase visibility and optimal search strategies that lead to maximum passive search
  • Interview Strategies and Prep - HR builds the job families, the job description and then works with managers to design the questions and competencies needed for the role and how to get the information. I can help you prepare for each panel interview, how to identify different interview trends and styles and give you the insider perspective at the biggest reasons candidates do much worse than they should. 

How Do I Begin?

All emails are free. 

The more information you provide, the better I am at helping you. So send me an email at and tell me the following. The more detail the better!

  • Who you are, how much experience you have and in what fields, functions and industries
  • Your resume or LinkedIn link
  • What you are looking for (even if its a 'you don't know what you want, but you know you want a change)

I usually respond within 48-72 hours with an analysis of what I can offer and what the rates are. 

Pricing Model

  • Sending emails are free - if I can answer the question or provide general guidance I'm usually happy to answer. If you are looking to contract my services, I have a pretty simple process. 
  • All of my fees are determined by my knowledge of your general market value based on the complexity of your industry and experience. (For Example:  A new college graduate will be charged on the far right, a C-Suite FAANG Tech Executive would be on the far left.)
  • Rates are usually calculated on an hourly basis or projects are discussed with estimated timeframes that we both agree to.
  • There is no minimum or maximum or hidden up-sells. All services are agreed on ahead of time. We can book a quick career overview chat, or I can build you a fully integrated plan every step of the way and be your hidden ace the entire time.
  • In almost all cases I strongly urge nothing more than an initial session so that you feel confident with my knowledge and experience and that I can get a good understanding of your situation to determine my ability to help
My Tenets of Confidentiality and Integrity: 
  • I will NEVER accept payment or a contract unless I am confident in my knowledge to add value.
  • Full confidentiality is guaranteed 
  • All payment fees for services will be discussed up-front, there will never be hidden fees , surprise bills or a surge of email spam
Want more information? Check out the reviews and feedback I've gotten in the Review section at the bottom of the site!