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Taking the most frequent questions received, in addition to the topics that people have spent hundreds, if not thousands for, I felt it was far easier to create books to cover everything I know.

Each book contains all of my knowledge, recommendations and advice - coming from someone who designs how these work in Corporate America.

Please click on each product to access more details, topics and sample pages and remember to read the discount section on the bottom!

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"I purchased the first part of the Compensation book and I didn't think it was possible to learn so much, within 5 months I've secured a much better job making about 35% more. The information is fantastic!"

Thank You!

"I've been following DanFromHR for 2 years and the guy really knows his stuff. I bought his resume book for me and my husband and I am so happy with how both of our resumes turned out! Thank you!"

Best HR Content Creator

"DanFromHR had redone my resume and Linkedin, plus gave me a tutorial on how Linkedin worked and within 1 month I was getting a huge increase in recruiters reaching out to me"

It Works!

"I had been taking Dans advice for awhile, but his compensation guide blew me away! So much we don't know that he explains so carefully and directly. Its already made 10x it's cost!"

Work With Me Directly

Personal Services, Consulting and More

I offer direct services from resume rewrites, Linkedin overhauls, 1:1 consults, classes or compensation analysis on a case by case basis depending on workload and familiarity.

For all queries, please send a short email describing what you are looking for, with the appropriate files (resume, Linkedin links, etc) for consideration, pricing and availability.


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We understand that some prices may be out reach and we are committed to ensuring our products are accessible to everyone.
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