I am thrilled to be co-hosting an incredible podcast with two of my favorite recruiting content creators! Join us as we talk about everything Corporate America - from absurd CEOs, to Linkedin silliness, what to do with all these career coaches and our best stories, tips, games and funny experiences in the office. Check out the formal site for more information and follow us on social media!

Corporate Pizza Party Hosts

Farah Sharghi

A Talented Senior Technical Recruiter and HR extraordinaire with some impressive experience performing HR and Recruiting for companies like Uber, Lyft, TikTok and Google, Farah blends her in depth knowledge of engineering, recruiting and HR to make incredibly valuable content on TikTok and other social media sites. She's been invited to share her wisdom in acclaimed academic powerhouses such as New York University and Wharton School of Business. Farah has been featured in a number of media channels such as NBC and Fast Company

Mike Peditto

An accomplished and experienced recruiting leader with incredible experience in sourcing and hiring technical roles for a variety of industries, Mike has worked for such companies as Kaplan, OpenArc, GoExpedi and FOSSA. He began making TikTok content in 2023 and became an overnight sensation with his dry wit, sincere approach and unique sense of humor. Mike has been featured in such publications as Harvard Business Review, Newsweek, Mirror and HRBrew and is the original founder and formal "wrangler" of The Corporate Pizza Party podcast!


New Year New You!

Today we are dissecting the evolving job market and how to navigate its twists and turns. Let's talk about the reality of career unpredictability, job loss and the necessity of resilience.

Bad CEOs

Our first pizza party has finally arrived, and Dan, Farah, and Mike are ready to discuss what some CEOs have been up to as well as the rise of AI in recruitment!

Career Clowns

Dan, Mike, and Farah have built reputations for calling out bad career advice -and even worse- scam artists, but when does this go too far and how do job seekers know who to trust? Join us and find out!

Amy Miller!

Dan, Mike and Farah are joined for today's party by the infamous Amy Miller for some serious talk about recruitment as well as a fun game built around Amy's reputation for speaking her mind on the internet.


We talk about the disturbing ease with which companies tend to cut their workforce when tightening budgets, and how this impacts employees both emotionally and financially,

LinkedIn Stupidity

Dan, Farah, and Mike decide to discuss some of their favorite LinkedIn influencers over some pizza and give a few dramatic readings of their favorite posts.

Interview Assignments

We're getting real about the dark side of job interviews and assignments. Join us as we share our own experiences and frustrations with demanding interview processes and the curious case of extensive homework assignments

Holiday Parties

Allow us to take you through some of the highlights and lowlights of holiday parties not only as employees, but as the people who will be handling the inevitable fallout!