After 20 years of experience working as an HR Business Partner, I started making content on TikTok for one purpose: To explain how "Corporate America" works so that you can navigate and thrive within it.

My account "DanFromHR" grew quickly and within 2 years had amassed almost 200,000 followers. I decided to make this website a central repository for all of my content

What is an HR Business Partner?

When people ask why I am so confident, or how I got my experience and knowledge, it is because I was fortunate enough to be an HR Business Partner.

This critical role is responsible for many things in companies, from interview strategizing, compensation modeling, hiring reviews, workforce modeling and promotion and development.

This is why you can be sure you are getting quality information, whether it's about resumes, interviews, compensation or even terminations.

Success Stories 


Holy F***. This legitimately felt like I had the strategy guide to Corporate America. Almost two months after working with Daniel, I received a job offer as a Senior Engineer with Google and about 25% more on the original offer. He is very smart and knows everything you need to know to help you. The offer discussion went EXACTLY like he said.

Sanjay, Sr Software Engineer (San Francisco)


I have to admit. The first few times I saw his TikTok vids, I thought he was just a corporate HR yes-man, and called him such - but the more I saw his videos, the more I really see that he genuinely cares about helping people but also wants them to take accountability and see things more critically. I apologized to him and asked for his help with a difficult career situation I am in and he gave me a free 30 min phone call and walked me through everything. I'm now one of his biggest fans and now its me talking to the trolls so he doesn't have to.

Eric Adams - Mechanic


I asked Daniel for help on my compensation. He asked my company, title and how long I had been there. I told him. He told me what he thought my salary likely was. He was off by $1900. We have had 2 sessions and not only am I gunning for a promotion, I've now put my resume together to start job hunting since his analysis showed I can get a significant increase. I can't thank this guy enough!!!

Jack Nash, Network Admin (West Virginia)


I knew it was time for a change and Daniel came highly recommended. I decided to just buy his resume review and based on his style of talking to me and diving into my experience, I quickly hired him for the Comp and Interview analysis. He helped me go from a Marketing Analytics Manager to a Sr Manager of Insights and Research within 3 months at a much better company and a 42% increase including a stock package! Best investment I ever made. Thank you! Sarah Hall, Sr Manager Product Insights (New York)