Learn more about Daniel "DanFromHR" Space, his journey as a TikTok creator and how he has helped thousands of people understand the job market, corporate America and earn more compensation in both his content, and featured media!

Daniel Space, a seasoned HR Business Partner with organizations like WebMD, Electronic Arts and Spotify, started to use his significant HR experience to make content on TikTok.

Within two years his online persona "DanFromHR" garnered almost 200,000 followers and he became an established voice in the job search and HR influencer communities by offering real, valuable information, debunking common myths and helping people understand how it all works.

Proud to have helped more than tens of thousands of followers, Daniel has returned to focusing on content creation in 2024 and beyond

In addition to the social media channels, take a look at some of the featured articles, podcasts and media DanFromHR is featured in!

Selected Media

7 Unspoken Job Interview Rules

DanFromHR is one of three experts featured providing insights, strategies and recommendations to help increase your interviewing skills

Thank You Notes

Following a video that went viral, several outlets, including The Daily Dot, featured the insider view of Thank You Notes post interview

Resignation Reactions

Based on another viral video, several media outlets reported on this touching video in which DanFromHr gives the real script managers should be saying when you resign

Protocol Features DanFromHR

Protocol Magazine interviewed DanFromHR for an exclusive on his unexpected TikTok success, lessons learned and how he wants to ensure people get accurate information

HRBrew Features DanFromHR

HR Media Journal "HRBrew" ran a feature on DanFromHR and how he used TikTok to dispel common HR myths and misunderstandings

The Rise of HR Influencers

Featured along with fellow HR content creators @PeopleCultureCollective and @ManagerMethod, this article explores how HR content creators use TIkTok to spread informational content

Three Biggest Myths of HR

A Huffington Post piece showcasing common HR misperceptions and how to accurately view HR

When Companies Overhire

Daniel provides his expert counsel and observations as an HR consultant watching organizations over-hire and not understand workforce modeling, leading to a barrage of layoffs

Selected Podcasts

Allwhere Podcast

DanFromHR talks with remote product company Allwhere on What HR teams are getting wrong and where HR is going in 2023 and beyond

Pink Squirrels! Podcast

Dan joins the Pink Squirrels gang to give his thoughts on the evolution of talent acquisition and retention in constantly shifting markets

TealHQ and Compensation

Dan joins CEO and Founder of job-search leader TealHQ as the two talk everything regarding compensation, offer negotiation and how to retain and reward a shifting workforce