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Who is Dan from HR?


My name is Daniel Space and spent nearly 2 decades working in HR. I've had the good fortune to work for great companies and get a lot of experience that I think other people would find valuable.

I started my HR career doing Leave of Absence Administration for American Express and eventually found my way to being an HR Manager for WebMD, a Sr HR Business Partner for Electronic Arts and Spotify before taking a break when the pandemic started.

As many people did during COVID, I accidentally became a content creator and in the last year of posting on TikTok, I've gotten to almost 150K followers by making content designed to tell people how it all works. All under the moniker "DanFromHR"

From job description creation to leadership development, HRBPs work closely with executives, leaders, recruiters and employees on how the organization functions and I want to share that information with as many people as possible.

What Does No-Cap Mean?

Starting in 2017, I began wearing a baseball cap. Really for no reason other than how it looked - when I began making TikToks, it became a point of fun for my followers - because I would have no idea about whatever sports team I was wearing and would gladly wear caps sent to me by followers.

I also discovered that the term "cap" has become slang for "lie" and holy hell, there is a lot of cap about how it all works. Things like "The Hidden Job Market" or "Don't Use Easy Apply" or "Don't Give a Salary Range First" are all spread by people looking to boost engagement, and not from professionals in the field who have the day to day expertise

My good friend Jayme, who is a Marketing genius from Google and Sony came up with the idea of "No Cap HR" and so my no-cap content was born.

Here you will be told the truth. How it works. How it doesn't work. What is real. What is not. I will be writing from a wide variety of topics, but I'll also be responding to QA

My Promise

The biggest reason I continue my TikTok page and wanted to start this newsletter is the consistent feedback in seeing that what I am doing is helping people. I receive weekly emails telling me they have gotten much better jobs, feel more confident in their career, have discovered career satisfaction and work-life balance or have had amazing conversations with their boss about their development and growth. With one 15 minute phone call and 2 TikTok videos, I helped someone get a 145% increase in their Total Compensation.

All of this - is because I know how it works.

You will get value, honesty, sincerity...and you'll also get some sarcasm, sometimes a pinch of arrogance.

But it will always be true.

Let us Begin!




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